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Friday, 22 April 2011 20:48
Last Updated on Thursday, 31 July 2014 18:04

Q Grader Program

Become a Q Grader

At the backbone of the Q Grading System are Licensed Q Graders qualified, vetted and professionally trained cuppers accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute. These Q Graders must pass a rigorous six day course comprised of three-day examinations to earn their certification, comprising of 20 sections on coffee related subjects, such as green grading, roast identification, coffee cupping, sensory skills and sensory triangulation. A Q Grader is a highly trained and calibrated coffee expert who professionally grades coffee using SCAA cupping protocols. There are currently over 4,000 + Licensed Q Graders worldwide.

Those who pass the Q Grader Certification Course are authorized to use the Q logo and the nomenclature "Licensed Q Grader" as a professional accreditation.

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  2. Q Grading Resources - What you should know before taking the exam
    1. Test Overview
    2. Pre-Q Course
    3. Sample Five-Day Itinerary change to Sample Six-Day Agenda
    4. How to Become a Q Grader
    5. Passing Scores Q Graders
    6. Q Grader Calibration Agenda
    7. Q Grader to Q Instructor
  3. Q Grader Protocols
  4. SCAA Protocols and Standards
    1. Green Coffee Quality
    2. Water for Brewing Specialty Coffee
    3. Cupping Specialty Coffee
    4. Grading Green Coffee
    5. Green Coffee Color Assessment
  5. SCAA Certified Labs