China has recently experienced rapid growth in specialty coffee and have adopted the Q Program with the guidance of key instructors in Yunnan and other international CQI Q Instructors. China has over 400 Q Graders and a multitude of specialty coffee shops and consumption is on the rise.
CQI joined forces in 2015 with the Yunnan Coffee Exchange and other in-country partners as well as government programs to help improve the quality of coffee and the lives of the people who produce it. CQI has an extensive program with YCE that includes all aspects of specialty coffee. This includes the writing of a new handbook for production and processing of specialty Yunnan coffee and collaboration with many key partners. In addition, CQI is working with World Coffee Research (WCR) to import new genetic materials and start several variety trials. YCE has built an impressive training facility that is also a SCAA Campus and an auction center to replicate the success of the Yunnan Flower Exchange, one of the largest in the world. Through this partnership, CQI will also be incorporating its new Coffee Processing Certificate program and developing long term strategies for improving quality and market linkages. YCE was the platinum sponsor at the CQI luncheon in 2016.